1 December


 Marie Tussaud
French creator of wax sculptures. Born in Strasbourg, France. Famous for founding Madame Tussaud’s wax museum. (d. 1850).


 Georgy Zhukov
Russian general & Marshal of the Soviet Union. Born in Kaluga, Russia. Played a pivotal role in leading the Red Army drive through much of Eastern Europe to liberate the Soviet Union from the occupation of the Axis Powers in WWII. (d. 1974)


 Alicia Markova
English ballerina. Born in London. Most noted for her career with Sergei Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes and touring internationally, she was widely considered to be one of the greatest classical ballet dancers of the 20th century. (d. 2004)


 Mary Martin
American actor,singer and Broadway star. Born in Weatherford, Texas. She originated many leading roles in the theatre including Nellie Forbush in South Pacific and Maria von Trapp in The Sound of Music. (d. 1990)


 David Doyle
American Actor. Born in  Omaha, Nebraska. He is best remembered for his role as detective John Bosley on the television series Charlie’s Angels (d. 1997).


 Matt Monro
English singer. Born in Shoreditch, London. He sang the title song from the James Bond film From Russia with Love and the Oscar-winning title song for the film Born Free, which became his signature tune. (d.1985)


 Lou Rawls
American singer. Born in Chicago, Illinois.  Known for his smooth vocal style, he released more than 60 albums.  (d. 2006).


 Woody Allen
American film director, actor and comedy writer. Born in The Bronx, New York. He began as a comedy writer in the 1950s, a stand-up comic in the early 60s and a writer, director and star of films since the mid-60s. Some of the best-known of his over 40 films are Annie HallManhattanHannah and Her Sisters.


 Chuck Low
American actor. Born in  New York City. His biggest success was as Maurice “Morrie” Kessler in the Martin Scorsese film Goodfellas.


 Lee Trevino
American golfer. Born in Dallas, Texas. An icon for Mexican Americans, he won six major golf championships.


 Richard Pryor
American comic and actor. Born in Peoria, Illinois.  He was known for uncompromising examinations of racism and topical contemporary issues, which employed colourful vulgarities, and profanity, as well as racial epithets.  (d. 2005)


 Bette Midler
American actress and singer. Born in Honolulu, Hawaii. Known as  The Divine Miss M.


 Gilbert O’Sullivan
Irish singer. Born in Waterford. Best known for his early 1970s hits.
 Maggie Steed
English actress. Born in Plymouth, Devon. Known for several long running roles in British TV series.


 Treat Williams
American actor.  Born in Rowayton, Connecticut. He was the star of the television series Everwood.


 Charlene Tilton
American actress. Born in San Diego, California. Best known for playing Lucy Ewing in the television series Dallas.
 Candace Bushnell
American author and columnist. Born in Glastonbury, Connecticut. International best-selling author of Sex and the City.


 Carol Alt
American supermodel. Born in Flushing, Queens, New York.


 Sarah Silverman
American actress and comedian. Born in Manchester, New Hampshire. Starred in and produced The Sarah Silverman Program.


 Lee McKenzie
Scottish television presenter. Born in Ayr, Scotland. A pit lane reporter on the BBC’s Formula One Coverage.


 Aiko, Princess Toshi
Japanese royalty. Born in Tokyo, Japan. The only child of the heir apparent to the Japanese throne.

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