14 January

83 BC

 Marc Antony
Marcus Antonius (January 14, 83 BC – August 1, 30 BC), commonly known in English as Mark or Marc Antony, was a Roman politician and general who played a critical role in the transformation of the Roman Republic from an oligarchy into the autocratic Roman Empire. Born in Rome, Roman Republic.


 Benedict Arnold
Benedict Arnold (January 14, 1741 – June 14, 1801) was a general during the American Revolutionary War, who fought for the American Continental Army, and later defected to the British Army. The name “Benedict Arnold” quickly became a byword in the United States for treason or betrayal. Born in Norwich, Colony of Connecticut, British America. (d. 1801)


 Henri Fantin-Latour
Henri Fantin-Latour (14 January 1836 – 25 August 1904) was a French painter and lithographer best known for his flower paintings and group portraits of Parisian artists and writers. Born Ignace Henri Jean Théodore Fantin-Latour in Grenoble, Isère. (d. 1904)


 Albert Schweitzer
Albert Schweitzer, OM (14 January 1875 – 4 September 1965) was a French-German theologian, organist, writer, humanitarian, philosopher, and physician. He received the 1952 Nobel Peace Prize for his philosophy of “Reverence for Life”, expressed in many ways, but most famously in founding and sustaining the Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Lambaréné, now in Gabon, west central Africa. Born in Kaysersberg, Alsace-Lorraine, Germany. (d. 1965)


 Nina Ricci
Nina Ricci (14 January 1883 – 30 November 1970) was an Italian-born French fashion designer. She founded the house of Nina Ricci in Paris in 1932. Born Maria Adélaide Nielli in Turin, Italy. (d. 1970)


 Hugh Lofting
Hugh Lofting (14 January 1886 – 26 September 1947) was a British author, trained as a civil engineer, who created the character of Doctor Dolittle, one of the classics of children’s literature. Doctor Dolittle first appeared in the author’s illustrated letters to his children, written from the trenches while serving in the British Army during World War I. Born Hugh John Lofting in Maidenhead, Berkshire, England. (d. 1947)


 Hal Roach
Hal Roach Sr. (January 14, 1892 – November 2, 1992) was an American film and television producer, director, and actor from the 1910s to the 1990s, best known today for producing the Laurel and Hardy and Our Gang film comedy series. Born Harold Eugene Roach in Elmira, New York. (d. 1992)


 Bebe Daniels
Bebe Daniels (January 14, 1901 – March 16, 1971), known professionally as Bebe Daniels, was an American actress, singer, dancer, writer and producer. She began her career in Hollywood during the silent film era as a child actress, became a star in musicals such as 42nd Street, and later gained further fame on radio and television in Britain. In a long career, Daniels appeared in 230 films. Born Phyllis Virginia Daniels in Dallas, Texas. (d. 1971)


 Sir Cecil Beaton
Sir Cecil Beaton CBE (14 January 1904 – 18 January 1980) was an English fashion, portrait and war photographer, diarist, painter, interior designer and an Academy Award-winning stage and costume designer for films and the theatre. Born Cecil Walter Hardy Beaton in Hampstead, London. (d. 1980)


 William Bendix
William Bendix (January 14, 1906 – December 14, 1964) was an American film, radio, and television actor, who typically played rough, blue-collar characters. He is best remembered in films for the title role in The Babe Ruth Story. He received an Academy Award nomination as Best Supporting Actor for Wake Island (1942). Born in Manhattan, New York City. (d. 1964)


 Joseph Losey
Joseph Losey (January 14, 1909 – June 22, 1984) was an American theatre and film director. Losey directed three enduring classics based on Pinter’s screenplays: The Servant (1963), Accident (1967) and The Go-Between (1971). The Servant won three British Academy Film Awards. Accident won the Grand Prix Spécial du Jury award at the 1967 Cannes Film Festival. The Go-Between won the Golden Palm Award at the 1971 Cannes Film Festival, four prizes at the 1972 BAFTA awards, and ‘Best British Screenplay’ at the 1972 Writers’ Guild of Great Britain awards. Born Joseph Walton Losey III in La Crosse, Wisconsin. (d. 1984)


 Mark Goodson
Mark Goodson (January 14, 1915 – December 18, 1992) was an American television producer who specialized in game shows, most frequently with his business partner Bill Todman, with whom he created Goodson-Todman Productions. The long list of Goodson-Todman productions includes The Price Is Right, Family Feud, Match Game, Password, Beat the Clock, To Tell the Truth, I’ve Got a Secret, What’s My Line?, and Card Sharks. Born Mark Leo Goodson in Sacramento, California. (d. 1992)


 Guy Williams
Guy Williams (January 14, 1924 – April 30, 1989) was an Italian-American actor and former fashion model. He usually played swashbuckling action heroes in the 1950s and 1960s. Among his most notable achievements were two TV series: Zorro, in the title role and Lost in Space, as the father of the Robinson family. Born Armando Joseph Catalano in New York, New York. (d. 1989)


 Warren Mitchell
Warren Mitchell (14 January 1926 – 14 November 2015) was an English actor. He was a BAFTA TV Award winner and twice a Laurence Olivier Award winner. In the 1950s, Mitchell appeared on the radio programme Educating Archie and television’s Hancock’s Half Hour. In the 1960s, he rose to prominence in the role of bigoted cockney Alf Garnett in the BBC television sitcom Till Death Us Do Part (1965-75), created by Johnny Speight, which won him a Best TV Actor BAFTA in 1967. He reprised the role in the TV sequels Till Death… (ATV, 1981) and In Sickness and in Health (BBC, 1985-92). Born Warren Misell in Stoke Newington, London, England. (d. 2015)
 Tom Tryon
Tom Tryon (January 14, 1926 – September 4, 1991) was an American film and television actor, best known for playing the title role in the film The Cardinal (1963), and featured roles in the war films The Longest Day and In Harm’s Way. He later turned to the writing of prose fiction and screenplays, and wrote several science fiction, horror and mystery novels. Born Thomas Tryon in Hartford, Connecticut. (d. 1991)


 Peter Barkworth
Peter Barkworth (14 January 1929 – 21 October 2006) was an English actor. Barkworth twice won the BAFTA TV Award for Best Actor, in 1975 for Crown Matrimonial (1974) and in 1978 for his roles in Professional Foul and The Country Party (both 1977). His character in the 1965 boardroom drama The Power Game was a recurring role. In the late 1960s, he appeared in drama series Manhunt on LWT and various episodes of The Avengers. His film career included roles in No Love for Johnnie (1961), Two a Penny (1967), Where Eagles Dare (1968), Patton (1970), Escape from the Dark (1976), International Velvet (1978) and Champions (1983). Born Peter Wynn Barkworth in Margate, Kent, England. (d. 2006)


 Caterina Valente
Caterina Valente (born 14 January 1931) is an Italian singer, guitarist, dancer, and actress. In 1959, she was nominated for a Grammy Award. Born in Paris, France.


 Richard Briers
Richard Briers CBE (14 January 1934 – 17 February 2013) was an English actor. His fifty-year career encompassed television, stage, film and radio. Briers first came to prominence as George Starling in Marriage Lines (1961-66), but it was a decade later, when he narrated Roobarb and Noah and Nelly in… SkylArk (1974-76) and when he played Tom Good in the BBC sitcom The Good Life (1975-78), that he became a household name. Later, he starred as Martin in Ever Decreasing Circles (1984-89), and he had a leading role as Hector in Monarch of the Glen (2000-05). From the late 1980s, with Kenneth Branagh as director, he performed Shakespearean roles in Henry V (1989), Much Ado About Nothing (1993), Hamlet (1996), and As You Like It (2006). Born Richard David Briers in Raynes Park, Surrey, England. (d. 2013)


 Jack Jones
Jach Jones (born January 14, 1938) is an American actor and jazz and pop singer, popular during the 1960s. He is the son of actor/singer Allan Jones and actress Irene Hervey. Jones has won two Grammy Awards. Jones is widely known for his recordings of “Wives and Lovers” (1964 Grammy Award, Best Pop Male Performance), “Lollipops and Roses” (1962, Grammy Award, Best Pop Male Performance), “The Impossible Dream”, “Call Me Irresponsible”, and “The Love Boat Theme”. Born John Allan Jones in Hollywood, California.


 Sir Trevor Nunn
Sir Trevor Robert Nunn, CBE (born 14 January 1940) is an English theatre director. Nunn has been the Artistic Director for the Royal Shakespeare Company, the Royal National Theatre, and, currently, the Theatre Royal, Haymarket. He has directed dramas for the stage, like Macbeth, as well as opera and musicals, such as Cats (1981) and Les Misérables (1985). Nunn has been nominated for the Tony Award for Best Direction of a Musical, the Tony Award for Best Direction of a Play, the Laurence Olivier Award for Best Director, and the Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Director of a Musical, winning the Tony Award (Musical) for Cats and Les Misérables and the Olivier Awards for productions of Summerfolk, The Merchant of Venice, Troilus and Cressida and Nicholas Nickleby. In 2008 The Telegraph named him among the most influential people in British culture. He has also directed works for film and television. Born in Ipswich, Suffolk, England.
 John Castle
John Castle (born 14 January 1940) is an English actor. Castle has acted in theatre, film and television. He is known for his role as Agrippa Postumus in the BBC television adaptation of I, Claudius (1976) and for playing Geoffrey II, Duke of Brittany, in the film The Lion in Winter (1968). He also played Dr Carrasco as well as the prisoner called “The Duke” in the film Man of La Mancha (1972), and the villainous Paul McDagget in RoboCop 3 (1993). Born in Croydon, Surrey, England.


 Faye Dunaway
Faye Dunaway (born January 14, 1941) is an American actress. She has won an Academy Award, three Golden Globes, a BAFTA, an Emmy, and was the first recipient of a Leopard Club Award that honors film professionals whose work has left a mark on the collective imagination. In 2011, the government of France made her an Officer of the Order of Arts and Letters. Born Dorothy Faye Dunaway in Bascom, Florida.


 Marjoe Gortner
Marjoe Gortner (born January 14, 1944 in Long Beach, California) is a former evangelist preacher and actor. He first gained public attention during the late 1940s when his parents arranged for him at age four to be ordained as a preacher, due to his extraordinary speaking ability. Born Hugh Marjoe Ross Gortner in Long Beach, California.


 Harold Shipman
Harold Shipman (14 January 1946 – 13 January 2004) was a British general practitioner and one of the most prolific serial killers in recorded history. On 31 January 2000, a jury found Shipman guilty of fifteen murders for killing patients under his care. He was sentenced to life imprisonment with the recommendation that he never be released. Shipman died on 13 January 2004, one day prior to his 58th birthday, by hanging himself in his cell at Wakefield Prison. Born Harold Frederick Shipman in Nottingham, England. (d. 2004)


 Bill Werbeniuk
Bill Werbeniuk (14 January 1947 – 20 January 2003) was a Canadian professional snooker and pool player. Born William Alexander Werbeniuk in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. (d. 2003)


 Suzanne Danielle
Suzanne Danielle (born Suzanne Morris; 14 January 1957) is an English film and television actress. Her first film role was in The Wild Geese (1978), but her first credited part, in the same year, was for Carry On Emmannuelle, the last film in the original Carry On… series. Born Suzanne Morris in London, England.


 Steven Soderbergh
Steven Soderbergh ( born January 14, 1963) is an American film producer, director, screenwriter, cinematographer and editor. His indie drama Sex, Lies, and Videotape (1989) won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival, and became a worldwide commercial success, making the then-26-year-old Soderbergh the youngest director to win the festival’s top award. He is best known for directing Hollywood films including Out of Sight (1998), Erin Brockovich (2000), and Traffic (2000) (for which he won the Academy Award for Best Director). Born Steven Andrew Soderbergh in Atlanta, Georgia.


 Mark Addy
Mark Addy (born 14 January 1964) is an English actor. He is known for portraying Detective Constable Gary Boyle in the British sitcom The Thin Blue Line, Dave in the film The Full Monty, Bill Miller in the American sitcom Still Standing, King Robert Baratheon in the HBO medieval fantasy series Game of Thrones, and Fred Flintstone in The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas. Born Mark Ian Addy in York, England.


 Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall
Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall (born 14 January 1965) is an English celebrity chef, television personality, journalist, food writer and campaigner on food and environmental issues, known for his back-to-basics philosophy. Born Hugh Christopher Edmund Fearnley-Whittingstall in Hampstead, London, England.


 Emily Watson
Emily Watson, OBE (born 14 January 1967) is an English actress. She was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress for her debut film role as Bess McNeil in Lars von Trier’s Breaking the Waves (1996) and for her role as Jacqueline du Pré in Hilary and Jackie (1998), winning the BIFA Award for Best Actress for the latter. She won the BAFTA TV Award for Best Actress for playing Janet Leach in the 2011 ITV television biopic Appropriate Adult. Her other films include Angela’s Ashes (1999), Gosford Park (2001), Red Dragon (2002), Corpse Bride (2005), Miss Potter (2006), War Horse (2011), and The Theory of Everything (2014). Born Emily Margaret Watson in Islington, London, England.
 Saskia Wickham
Saskia Wickham (born 14 January 1967) is an English actress best known for playing Alex Wilton in the drama series Boon and Dr. Erica Matthews in the ITV television drama series Peak Practice between 1996 and 1998. Born in London, England.


 LL Cool J
LL Cool J (born January 14, 1968), (short for Ladies Love Cool James), is an American rapper, actor, author and entrepreneur. LL Cool J has released 13 studio albums and two greatest hits compilations. Born James Todd Smith in Bay Shore, New York.


 Dave Grohl
David Eric Grohl (born January 14, 1969) is an American rock musician, multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, director and producer. He is best known as the founder and frontman of the rock band Foo Fighters, of which he is the lead singer, one of three guitarists, and primary songwriter. He is also well known as the former drummer for the grunge band Nirvana. Born David Eric Grohl in Warren, Ohio.


 Jack P Shepherd
Jack Shepherd (born 14 January 1988) is an English actor. He has portrayed the character of David Platt in the ITV soap opera Coronation Street since April 2000. Born Jack Peter Shepherd in Leeds, West Yorkshire.


 Frankie Bridge
Frankie Bridge (née Sandford, born 14 January 1989) is an English singer-songwriter, formerly a member of S Club 8 and a member of girl group The Saturdays. Born Francesca Sandford in Upminster, London, England.

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