29 July


 George Bradshaw
George Bradshaw (29 July 1801 – 6 September 1853) was an English cartographer, printer and publisher. He is best known for developing the most successful and longest published series of combined railway timetables. Born in Salford, Lancashire. (d. 1853)


 Benito Mussolini
Benito Mussolini (29 July 1883 – 28 April 1945) was an Italian politician, journalist and leader of the National Fascist Party. In 1926 Mussolini seized total power as dictator and ruled Italy as Il Duce (“the leader”) from 1930 to 1943. Born Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolin in Predappio, Forlì, Kingdom of Italy. (d. 1945)


 Theda Bara
Theda Bara (July 29, 1885 – April 7, 1955) was an American silent film and stage actress. Her femme fatale roles earned her the nickname The Vamp. Bara made more than 40 films between 1914 and 1926. Born Theodosia Burr Goodman in the Avondale section of Cincinnati, Ohio. (d. 1955)


 William Powell
William Powell (July 29, 1892 – March 5, 1984) was an American actor. A major star at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, he was paired with Myrna Loy in 14 films, including the popular Thin Man series based on the novels of Dashiell Hammett. He was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor three times. Born William Horatio Powell in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (d. 1984)


 Clara Bow
Clara Bow (July 29, 1905 – September 27, 1965) was an American actress who rose to stardom in silent film during the 1920s. It was her appearance as a plucky shopgirl in the film It that brought her global fame and the nickname “The It Girl”. Born Clara Gordon Bow in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, New York. (d. 1965)
 Dag Hammarskjöld
Dag Hammarskjöld (29 July 1905 – 18 September 1961) was a Swedish diplomat, economist, and author. The second Secretary-General of the United Nations, he served from April 1953 until his death in a plane crash in September 1961. He is among three other people to be awarded a posthumous Nobel Prize. Born Dag Hjalmar Agne Carl Hammarskjöld in Jönköping, Sweden. (d. 1961)
 Thelma Todd
Thelma Todd (July 29, 1906 – December 16, 1935) was an American actress. Appearing in about 120 pictures between 1926 and 1935, she is best remembered for her comedic roles in films like Marx Brothers’ Monkey Business and Horse Feathers. Born Thelma Alice Todd in Lawrence, Massachusetts. (d. 1935)


 Richard Egan
Richard Egan (July 29, 1921 – July 20, 1987) was an American actor. In 1956, he starred as Elvis Presley’s older brother in Presley’s first film, Love Me Tender, and in 1959 was the male lead opposite Dorothy McGuire in A Summer Place. In 1960, Egan appeared with Jane Wyman and Hayley Mills in Disney’s Pollyanna. Born in San Francisco, California. (d. 1987)


 Elizabeth Short
Elizabeth Short (July 29, 1924 – c. January 15, 1947), given the nickname “The Black Dahlia”, was an American woman who was the victim of a much-publicized murder in 1947. Short was found mutilated, her body sliced in half at the waist, on January 15, 1947, in Leimert Park, Los Angeles, California. Short’s unsolved murder has been the source of widespread speculation, leading to many suspects, along with several books, television and film adaptations of the story. Short’s murder is one of the oldest unsolved murder cases in Los Angeles history. Born in Hyde Park, Boston, Massachusetts. (d. 1947)


 Mikis Theodorakis
Mikis Theodorakis (born 29 July 1925) is a Greek songwriter of over 1000 songs and composer. He scored for the films Zorba the Greek (1964), Z (1969), and Serpico (1973). Born on the Greek island of Chios. Born Michael Theodorakis.


 Mike Hodges
Mike Hodges (born 29 July 1932) is an English screenwriter, film director, playwright and novelist. His films as writer/director include Get Carter, Pulp, The Terminal Man and Black Rainbow. Born Michael Tommy Hodges in Bristol, England.


 Hildegarde Neil
Hildegarde Neil (born 29 July 1939) is an English actress known for The Man Who Haunted Himself (1970), Antony and Cleopatra (1972) and A Touch of Class (1973). Born in London, England.


 David Warner
David Warner (born 29 July 1941) is an English actor who is known for playing both romantic leads and sinister or villainous characters, across a range of media, including stage, film, animation, television and video games. Born in Manchester, Lancashire, England.


 Tony Sirico
Tony Sirico, Jr. (born July 29, 1942) is an American character actor who is most noted for his role as Paulie Gualtieri in the television series The Sopranos. Born Genaro Anthony Sirico Jr in Brooklyn, New York.


 Diane Keen
Diane Keen (born 29 July 1946) is an English actress. Keen is possibly best known for her starring roles in the British TV drama Doctors and the 1970s comedy series The Cuckoo Waltz. Born in London, England.
 Stig Blomqvist
Stig Blomqvist (born 29 July 1946) is a Swedish rally driver. Blomqvist won the World Rally Championship drivers’ title in 1984. Born Stig Lennart Blomqvist in Örebro, Sweden.
 Bill Forsyth
Bill Forsyth (born 29 July 1946) is a Scottish film director and writer known for his films Gregory’s Girl (1981), Local Hero (1983), and Comfort and Joy (1984). Born William David Forsyth in Glasgow, Scotland.


 Wendy Hughes
Wendy Hughes (29 July 1952 – 8 March 2014) was an Australian actress known for her work in theatre, film and television. Her biggest role was in Lonely Hearts, played in 1982. In 1993 she played Dr. Carol Blythe, M. E. in Homicide: Life on the Street. Born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. (d. 2014)


 Nellie Kim
Nellie Kim (born 29 July 1957) is a retired Soviet gymnast who won three gold medals and a silver medal at the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal, and two gold medals at the 1980 Summer Olympics. Born Nellie Vladimirovna Kim in Shurab, Tajik SSR, Soviet Union.


 Simon Nye
Simon Nye (born 29 July 1958) is an English comic television writer, best known for creating the hit sitcom Men Behaving Badly, writing all of the four ITV Pantos, co-writing the 2006 film Flushed Away, and co-writing Reggie Perrin. Born in Burgess Hill, Sussex.


 Giles Coren
Giles Coren (born 29 July 1969) is an English columnist and restaurant critic for The Times and has contributed to various publications including the Independent on Sunday, Tatler and GQ. He was named Food and Drink Writer of the Year at the British Press Awards in 2005. Born in Paddington, London.


 Andi Peters
Andi Peters (born 29 July 1970) is an English television presenter, producer, journalist, voice-over artist and voice actor. Born Andi Eleazu Peters in Chelsea, London.


 Wil Wheaton
Wil Wheaton (born July 29, 1972) is an American actor, blogger and writer, known for his portrayals of Wesley Crusher on the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation. Born Richard William Wheaton III in Burbank, California.


 Fernando Alonso
Fernando Alonso (born 29 July 1981) is a Spanish Formula One racing driver and a double World Champion. Born Fernando Alonso Díaz in Oviedo, Asturias, Spain.

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