28 September


 Thomas Crapper
Thomas Crapper (baptised 28 September 1836; died 27 January 1910) was a plumber who founded Thomas Crapper & Co in London. Contrary to widespread misconceptions, Crapper did not invent the flush toilet. He did, however, do much to increase the popularity of the toilet, and developed some important related inventions, such as the ballcock. He was noted for the quality of his products and received several royal warrants. Born in Waterside, Thorne, Yorkshire, England. (d. 1910)


 Georges Clemenceau
Georges Clemenceau (28 September 1841 – 24 November 1929) was a French statesman who led the nation in the First World War. He was one of the principal architects of the Treaty of Versailles at the France Peace Conference of 1919. Born Georges Benjamin Clemenceau in Mouilleron-en-Pareds, Vendée. (d. 1929)


 Avery Brundage
Avery Brundage (September 28, 1887 – May 8, 1975) was the fifth president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), serving from 1952 to 1972. The only American to attain that position, Brundage is remembered as a zealous advocate of amateurism, and for his involvement with the 1936 and 1972 Summer Olympics, both held in Germany. Born in Detroit, Michigan. (d. 1975)


 William S Paley
William S. Paley (September 28, 1901 – October 26, 1990) was the chief executive who built the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) from a small radio network into one of the foremost radio and television network operations in the United States. Born in Chicago, Illinois. (d. 1990)
 Ed Sullivan
Ed Sullivan (September 28, 1901 – October 13, 1974) was an American television personality, sports and entertainment reporter, and longtime syndicated columnist for the New York Daily News. He is principally remembered as the creator and host of the television variety program The Toast of the Town, later popularly—and, eventually, officially—renamed The Ed Sullivan Show. Broadcast for 23 years from 1948 to 1971, it set a record as the longest-running variety show in US broadcast history. Born Edward Vincent Sullivan in Harlem, New York City, New York. (d. 1974)


 Max Schmeling
Max Schmeling (September 28, 1905 – February 2, 2005) was a German boxer who was heavyweight champion of the world between 1930 and 1932. His two fights with Joe Louis in 1936 and 1938 were worldwide cultural events because of their national associations. Born Maximillian Adolph Otto Siegfried Schmeling in Klein Luckow, Province of Pomerania, German Empire. (d. 2005)


 Al Capp
Al Capp (September 28, 1909 – November 5, 1979) was an American cartoonist and humorist best known for the satirical comic strip Li’l Abner, which he created in 1934 and continued writing and (with help from assistants) drawing until 1977. He won the National Cartoonists Society’s Reuben Award in 1947 for Cartoonist of the Year, and their 1979 Elzie Segar Award (posthumously) for his “unique and outstanding contribution to the profession of cartooning.”. Born Alfred Gerald Caplin in New Haven, Connecticut. (d. 1979)


 Maria Franziska von Trapp
Maria Franziska von Trapp (28 September 1914 – 18 February 2014) was the second-oldest daughter of Georg and Agatha (née Whitehead) von Trapp. She was a member of the Trapp Family Singers, whose lives inspired the musical and film The Sound of Music. She was portrayed as the character “Louisa”. She died at age 99, and was the last surviving sibling portrayed in the film. Born Maria Agatha Franziska Gobertina von Trapp in Zell am See, Salzburg, Austria-Hungary. (d. 2014)


 Peter Finch
Peter Finch (28 September 1916 – 14 January 1977) was an English-born Australian actor. He is best remembered for his role as “crazed” television anchorman Howard Beale in the film Network, which earned him a posthumous Academy Award for Best Actor, his fifth Best Actor award from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, and a Best Actor award from the Golden Globes. He was the first person to win a posthumous Academy Award in an acting category. Born Frederick George Peter Ingle Finch in South Kensington, London. (d. 1977)


 William Windom
William Windom (September 28, 1923 – August 16, 2012) was an American actor. He was perhaps best known for his work on television. Windom achieved fame as the character of cartoonist John Monroe on the sitcom My World and Welcome to It, for which he won an Emmy Award for Best Actor in a Comedy Series. Born in New York, New York. (d. 2012)


 Marcello Mastroianni
Marcello Mastroianni, Knight Grand Cross (8 September 1924 – 19 December 1996) was an Italian film actor. His prominent films include: La Dolce Vita; 8½; La Notte; Divorce, Italian Style; Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow; Marriage Italian-Style; The 10th Victim; A Special Day; City of Women; Henry IV; Dark Eyes; and Stanno tutti bene. His honours included British Film Academy Awards, Best Actor awards at the Cannes Film Festival and two Golden Globe Awards. Born Marcello Vincenzo Domenico Mastroianni in Fontana Liri, Lazio, Italy. (d. 1996)


 Charles Barsotti
Charles Barsotti (Sep. 28, 1933 – June 16, 2014) was an American cartoonist who contributed cartoons to major magazines. Barsotti was the cartoon editor of The Saturday Evening Post and a staff cartoonist at The New Yorker beginning in 1970. His work also appeared in Playboy, Punch and Fast Company, among other publications. Born Charles Branum Barsotti in San Marcos, Texas. (d. 2014)


 Brigitte Bardot
Brigitte Bardot (born 28 September 1934) is a French actress, singer and fashion model, who later became an animal rights activist. She was one of the best known sex symbols of the 1950s and 1960s and was widely referred to by her initials, B.B. She became world-famous in 1957, with the controversial film And God Created Woman. Bardot caught the attention of French intellectuals. She was the subject of Simone de Beauvoir’s 1959 essay, The Lolita Syndrome. She later starred in Jean-Luc Godard’s 1963 film Le Mépris. For her role in Louis Malle’s 1965 film Viva Maria! Bardot was nominated for a BAFTA Award for Best Foreign Actress. From 1969 to 1978, Bardot was the official face of Marianne to represent the liberty of France. Born Brigitte Anne-Marie Bardot in Paris, France.
 Janet Munro
Janet Munro (28 September 1934 – 6 December 1972) was an English actress. Munro starred in three Disney film releases, Darby O’Gill and the Little People (1959), Third Man on the Mountain (1959) and Swiss Family Robinson (1960). Other film credits include science fiction films such as The Trollenberg Terror (1958) and The Day the Earth Caught Fire (1961). Born Janet Neilson Horsburgh in Blackpool, Lancashire, England. (d. 1972)


 Ronald Lacey
Ronald Lacey (28 September 1935 – 15 May 1991) was an English actor. He made numerous television and film appearances over a 30-year period and is perhaps best remembered for his roles as Harris in Porridge, Gestapo agent Major Arnold Ernst Toht in Raiders of the Lost Ark and the Bishop of Bath and Wells in Blackadder II. Born Ronald William Lacey in Harrow, Middlesex, England. (d. 1991)
 Heather Sears
Heather Sears (28 September 1935 – 3 January 1994), was a British stage and screen actress. It was David Miller’s film The Story of Esther Costello (1957) which led to a breakthrough in her film career (at the age of 21). A year later she was nominated for the Golden Globe award and also received the British Film Academy award for best British actress of the year. In Hammer’s production of The Phantom of the Opera (1962) she played the opera singer Christine Charles. Born Heather Christine Sears in Kensington, London, England. (d. 1994)


 Ben E King
Ben E. King (September 28, 1938 – April 30, 2015) was an American soul and R&B singer and record producer. He was perhaps best known as the singer and co-composer of “Stand by Me”—a US Top 10 hit, a number one hit in the UK, and no. 25 on the RIAA’s list of Songs of the Century—and as one of the principal lead singers of the R&B vocal group the Drifters notably singing the lead vocals of one of their biggest global hit singles (and only U.S. #1 hit) “Save the Last Dance for Me”. Born Benjamin Earl King in Henderson, North Carolina. (d. 2015)


 Rudolph Walker
Rudolph Walker, OBE (born 28 September 1939), is a Trinidadian actor, best known for his roles on British television. He was the first black actor to appear in a major British TV series, his breakthrough role as Bill in the 1970s sitcom Love Thy Neighbour (co-starring fellow Trinidadian Nina Baden-Semper) leading to a long and varied acting career. He is currently best known as Patrick Trueman in the BBC One TV soap opera EastEnders, in which he has acted since 2001. Born in Trinidad, West Indies.


 Helen Shapiro
Helen Shapiro (born 28 September 1946) is an English pop singer, jazz singer and actress. She is best known for her 1960s UK chart toppers, “You Don’t Know” and “Walkin’ Back to Happiness”. Born Helen Kate Shapiro in Bethnal Green, London, England.
 Peter Egan
Peter Egan (born 28 September 1946) is a British actor known for his TV roles, including Hogarth in Big Breadwinner Hog, the future King George IV of the United Kingdom in Prince Regent (1979); smooth neighbour Paul Ryman in the sitcom Ever Decreasing Circles (1984-89); and Hugh “Shrimpie” MacClare, Marquess of Flintshire, in Downton Abbey (2012-15). Born in London, England.
 Fiona Lewis
Fiona Lewis (born on September 28, 1946) is an actress, known for Innerspace (1987), The Fearless Vampire Killers (1967) and The Fury (1978). Born Fiona Marie Lewis in Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex, England.


 Jon Snow
Jon Snow (born 28 September 1947) is a British journalist and television presenter, currently employed by ITN. He is best known as the longest-running presenter of Channel 4 News, which he has presented since 1989. Born in Ardingly, Sussex, England.


 Sylvia Kristel
Sylvia Kristel (28 September 1952 – 18 October 2012) was a Dutch actress who performed in over 50 films, including as the lead character in four of the seven Emmanuelle films. Born Sylvia Maria Kristel in Utrecht, Netherlands. (d. 2012)


 Gillian McKeith
Gillian McKeith (born 28 September 1959) is a Scottish television presenter and writer. She is the former host in the UK of Channel 4’s You Are What You Eat. She is the author of several books about nutrition. Born in Perth, Scotland.


 Jennifer Rush
Jennifer Rush (born September 28, 1960) is an American pop singer best known for the million-selling single “The Power of Love”, which she co-wrote. Born Heidi Stern in Queens, New York.


 Janeane Garofalo
Janeane Garofalo (born September 28, 1964) is an American film actress, stand-up comedian, liberal political activist, and writer. Garofalo began her career as a stand-up comedian and became a cast member on The Larry Sanders Show, and Saturday Night Live, then appeared in more than 50 movies, including The Truth About Cats and Dogs and Mystery Men. Born in Newton, New Jersey.


 Mira Sorvino
Mira Sorvino (born September 28, 1967) is an American actress. She came to prominence after winning the Academy Award and Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in Woody Allen’s Mighty Aphrodite (1995). She received Golden Globe and Emmy nominations for her role in Norma Jean & Marilyn (1996), and a Golden Globe nomination for her role in Human Trafficking (2005). Born Mira Katherine Sorvino in New York, New York.
 Moon Zappa
Moon Unit Zappa (born September 28, 1967) is an American actress and author. She is the eldest child of musician Frank Zappa. She first came to public attention in 1982, at the age of 14, as a vocalist on her father’s Top 40 hit single, “Valley Girl”. The song featured Moon Zappa delivering a monologue in “valleyspeak”, a collection of slang terms popular with teenage girls in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles. “Valley Girl” was Frank Zappa’s biggest hit in the United States, and popularized phrases from the lyric such as “grody to the max”. Born in New York City, New York.


 Mika Häkkinen
Mika Häkkinen (born 28 September 1968), nicknamed “the Flying Finn”, is a Finnish former professional racing driver. He is the 1998 and 1999 Formula One World Champion, driving for McLaren. Born Mika Pauli Häkkinen in Vantaa, Finland.
 Naomi Watts
Naomi Watts (born 28 September 1968) is a British actress and film producer. Watts came to attention in David Lynch’s psychological thriller Mulholland Drive (2001). The following year she enjoyed box-office success with The Ring (2002), the remake of a successful Japanese horror film. She then received nominations at the Academy Awards and the Screen Actors’ Guild Awards in the Best Actress categories for her portrayal of Cristina Peck in 21 Grams (2003). Her subsequent films include David O. Russell’s comedy I Heart Huckabees (2004), and the 2005 remake of King Kong. Born Naomi Ellen Watts in Shoreham, Kent, England.


 Dita Von Teese
Dita Von Teese (born September 28, 1972) is an American burlesque dancer, model, costume designer, entrepreneur and occasional actress. She is thought to have helped repopularize burlesque performance, and was formerly married to Marilyn Manson. Born Heather Renée Sweet in Rochester, Michigan.


 Hilary Duff
Hilary Duff (born September 28, 1987) is an American actress and singer. Duff began her acting career at a young age, and quickly became labeled a teen idol as the starring titular character in the television series Lizzie McGuire (2001-04). Born Hilary Erhard Duff in Houston, Texas.

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